Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Freshest Spice

Welcome to the the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Lachlan Stephen!
10.1 lbs 22 inches of pure blessing
 We Love You!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Year.

Nearly a year ago my husband and I decided it was time for me to find a job opportunity to better supplement our income, give our children some opportunities to play with others and learn, and to give me an out.  I
loved being home with our children, caring for others' children, and reaping the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom.  Somehow, I felt like I wasn't being "fed".  My spirits were low, my mind was stagnant, and my heart thirsted for more.  The problem was, I didn't know what that "more" would be. 

I looked at jobs within schools, looked at jobs from home as to combine my love of being home with the benefits of what we were looking for.  I couldn't find that perfect niche.  But, as we neared the start of preschool for our oldest, I "found" more than a perfect opportunity.  God led me to a place where opportunities abound.  Our church has a preschool and daycare that would allow me to fill-in or sub for the teachers who were away AND my kids could come there with me.  Could it get any better than this?  Now the pay wasn't excellent, and it certainly didn't fill the professional void I was needing to fill, but it filled my cup overflowing with the possibilities I didn't know existed. 

Shortly after starting to sub there, I was offered a position in the toddler room with my then 15 month old.  It was hard for them and for me.  It wasn't an easy transition, it tested me in so many ways each and every day.  However, I learned innumerable things about myself, my faith, and how much I shorted myself from learning new things.  I learned to be patient with children of very different temperaments, tools for being a more successful mom, and most importantly how blessed I was to be given this opportunity.  God is so good and HE knows what plans are needed, HE knows what benefits are to come from each experience.  I had to open my heart and mind to all of these experiences HE brought forth. 

I didn't have support that I needed to be successful there or keep my thinking positive. It's hard when others have their plan set before them and can make things "work".  But I have to say, being steadfast and believing in HIS plan was what got me through.  The greatest people that I work with made me believe in the plan, not quit and supported me so that OUR plan, that of God, my husband, and I could be successful.  I am more than thankful for those people.  They are what makes me know that I am a better person today than the person who walked into that setting a year ago.  
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