Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coupon Crazy

So, in the last few weeks I've become a little crazy about couponing.  I'm excited about it.  I love to save money.  AND it's going to help our family continue to get even closer to becoming debt free.  Yes, DEBT FREE!  YAY!   We're getting  closer and closer, and our hopes to be debt free weren't dashed by a few setbacks.  It's just part of the plan, part of the game, and we're still working hard on Baby Step 2!  We're anxious and excited! 

In the past few months I contacted some friends about learning about the real deal with couponing.  The woman that came to share her knowledge with us at our MOPS meeting this past month got me (and several other moms) ready and geared up for couponing.  Some of us didn't even realize what it all entailed (including me!).  Although I can't share all of the things I gleaned from the meeting here, I can add to the list of sites that I've learned to utilize!  Here they are

Although I can't devote my evenings and weekends to couponing, I'm going to give this weekend  my very first "real good" shot.  I've always couponed, but this time I'm using "prior knowledge" from those who go before me (aka PocketYourDollars and CreativeCouponing)

And if all this information goodness isn't "good" enough for's a video to get your couponing fire burning! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lifting Up.

I've always had that sun shine attitude and the ability to share a smile.  It's just who I am.  What I haven't always had was the ability (or knowledge) to lift up others in thought and prayer.  It's so simple.  You don't have to spend money,or give up large amounts of time.  It's as simple as a thought  and/or prayer. 

I've been working on this.  I have to admit, it makes you feel great when you lift up others!  So here are two ideas I have for you...

The first idea I gleaned from our female pastor at our church.  She spoke at our MOPS meeting last year and shared the idea that she drives through our town and prays for specific people, but then also pray those people you see that you DON'T know.  Pray for their day, their family, their needs. 

The second idea I am sharing with you from Pixel Perfect , a photography blog I have stumbled upon and have found is so much more than tips and tricks for's also tips and tricks for your life.   She shared in a post recently how to use social media in a different way.   Let's be honest, Facebook and Twitter can sometimes be used as places that people use a little too much indiscretion.  They complain, boast, swear, gossip, banter, and other not-so-beautiful things. However it's others' way of communicating needs.  Needs for prayer, needs for support, needs for lifting up.  You can use this social media tool to do this!  You can take those negative statuses and lift those people up in prayer.  Pray for their day, for a change in attitude, for a look on the bright side.  You can pray for those who ask for prayer, for their needs.  You can pray for those who aren't asking, aren't making a statement, but just plain being.  Pray for them.  Pray for their families, for them to be open to the Lord's plan.

Social media is a great way to reconnect, connect, and stay in touch.
But best of all, you can use it to glorify Him.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


My, Oh, My
do they

Happy 5 Months, Lachlan!
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