Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cheesy Chicken--Quickie Recipe

Here is a quick recipe I'll share!  We bought the fixings for it today, so I thought I'd post it quick.

4-6 frozen chicken breasts
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup (I buy the low fat/ low sodium version)
1 can Nacho Cheese Soup

Salt and Pepper each chicken breasts.  Place soup into Slow Cooker with Chicken breasts (I cover the breasts with the soup) and let cook on low all day.  **I do this in the morning and it is PERFECT by dinner time!   Cut up chicken (it virtually falls apart) and serve over noodles or rice (we use brown rice).  You could make this on the stove as well with thawed chicken, but the slow cooker is great!


What A Momma Wants... Part I.

Well, we're 24 weeks this week and only 16 more to go! :) Hooray!  As we get closer, I'm thinking of things that would be nice to have for this babe.  With our second little spice, we didn't buy much.  We utilized what we had and bought few if any new frocks for the little guy.  This third little spice has some really "well worn" britches, blankets, and goods to use.  Hubby and I are big into sharing and taking the burden from others when we can.  We have shared all of our baby items with anyone who asked and offered to many.  Thus, this little spice will have frocks that were worn by 7 babies total.  As you can imagine, the clothes are well broken in as well are the jumperoo, the carseat, the swing, and lots of other items. We wouldn't have it any other way!  It's fun to share!

So, I've been looking at steals and deals at The Gap, Gymboree, and The Children's Place for clothes for our newest little guy.  I've scored a great start to a newer wardrobe for him, never spending over $5.99 an item! It's been fun and I LOVE getting a good deal...I did mention that...didn't I?!

So, I have a few things that I would love to have for this little man., and err...for me? Is that selfish?  Well here are a few things I would love to have, but may never purchase or receive.  As my mom says, "Needs versus Wants".  I probably don't need any of these things.

The Peanut Shell
I am the happy owner of a Classic Baby Bjorn carrier.  We carried our oldest spice around Europe in it and it served us well with him and our second spice as well.   Here's a picture of hubby and our oldest in the Baby Bjorn in Italy for a summer holiday.

The only thing I wish I could do is carry the baby on my hip when the baby is old enough to be sitting up and is getting a little heavy for the front carrier.  The Peanut Shell does so many things! And it isn't bulky like some of the wrap carriers that offer the same versatility.  At the price of $55.00, I'm sold.  You can also find other versions on Etsy.
I'm totally looking forward to my 12 weeks at home with my 3 little spices.   I have many fun places in mind for us to escape to, as Minnesota autumns are beautiful and mild.  I can't get enough of it!  I've always brought one of our old blankets, you know the ones, those purchased in Mexico on the beach or a baby blanket. When you lay out your blanket it's perfectly clean, but when you leave, it is filled with dry leaves, dirt, sand, and other debris that is hard to clean.  These blankets can be wiped clean! Fabulous, especially with 3 little ones in tow!  JJ Cole has a great one that is carried at Babies R Us for $29.99.  What a great price for something so practical and a great gift (I'm thinking how perfect this would be for all of our friends that expecting in the month of October! There are like 6 of you!).  Anyway, I'm sold!

Well, I think that's all that I've found that I'd like for the moment...I'll be on the lookout for new products and items that would make life easier with this new babe, his spicy siblings, and me! :)  


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