Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Cough in the Night

In being a parent, we have those moments where we fear for our children.  The other morning, I had one of those moments with our littlest spice

Since birth, Lachlan has been a sweet, rarely fussy baby.  Just recently he's been cooing and smiling filling my heart of the joys of motherhood.  My cup is teeming with love for these boys, I don't think I have ever loved or could love anyone or thing more than these boys. 

Lachlan has these precious squeaks, grunts, and snorts that he shares during the day and night.  When I heard more of them the other night/ early morning, I didn't think much of them.  He seemed more restless, but it'd been a day or two since his last BM, so I chalked it up to bodily functions and relaxed.  At his 5 am feeding, the snorts were joined with a loud, obnoxious barking cough.  Croup.  How could a 4 week old have croup?  We'd experienced it with our oldest, numerous times.  I knew to steam him or take him outside in the cold air, but I also knew that this babe shouldn't have croup just yet.  I went into "mom" mode, woke up my husband and started the steam in the bathroom.

He held the baby while I called the doc.  The triage nurse listened to the little guy breathe through the phone, and told me to promptly call 911. He was struggling to breathe.  The paramedics arrived and tested his blood oxygen levels, which were low.  He was transported via ambulance on his 1 month birthday.

Upon arrival at a great hospital in the area, Lachlan was x-rayed and given an oral steroid to open his airways, which were restricted.  We stayed over night for observation and were given clearance to leave the next morning since his blood oxygen levels were great! Hooray!

Of course no life event is complete without pictures, so I had camera in tow.

Praise God for medicine, great care, and a healthy babe!


Katie Benson said...

wow, sounds like you indeed had a scary moment in the night didn't you. Oh, how these moments (although we could certainly do without at the moment) end up shaping us and toughening us as moms, don't they? So glad Lachlan came out of that one smiling and breathing happily. Thank goodness you had the good sense to know what steps to take!

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