Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coupon Savvy

Tis the season to spend money...fa-la-la-la-la -la-la-la-laaaaaa!  I love to buy gifts for other people and I've been known to go overboard, to spend too much, thus taking away from the real, true meaning of Christmas. 

Since becoming more frugal and taking charge of our spending, see here, I take advantage of any and all opportunities to SAVE MONEY.  I'm not cheap, I just look for good deals on quality items. I am not ashamed to say that with some things I am a name brand junkie.  I do prefer to buy my kids nice things that last. 

I am one of those people who sign up for every "club" at the stores that I frequently purchase from.  No, I don't get their credit cards, I only get the "perk" cards.  I receive coupons frequently and I only use them when I need something...and Christmas is the perfect time!

Today I shopped for my nieces and nephews since we were iced in at home.  I got something for each of them and I saved a bundle!  I used both online and paper coupons.  One of my favorite sites for online coupons is .  It's a great site to find super coupons for virtually every place online.  It's free, you don't have to be a member, and you, too, can submit your coupon codes. 

If you're looking for an item that is not coupon related, you can look at a bunch of different sites at once by using where you can enter the name of the product, the price you've seen, and where, and they'll comparison shop for you, listing out the places online that have the same item.  It's fabulous!  And a penny saved is a penny earned!

Another way to save is to use FREE SHIPPING!  So many companies are offering it this season, and if you can shop from home, find a great deal, and have it shipped to you for free...why wouldn't you!?

Enjoy the holidays and be a good consumer! Save yourself money and have fun buying for those you love.  I enjoy the "game" of finding good deals, just ask my little Santa's helper!


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing the info! I'll definitely check out those sites! I'm all about saving money and this year getting my shopping done early. I love the look of your new blog!

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