Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Showcase Party

Earlier in the month our family hosted a dinner with some of our friends.  It's one of our favorite things to do, and we're so blessed to have friends that have children that our children truly enjoy playing with! In addition to enjoying a delicious meal, we were given the opportunity to have our children test and see some great gift-giving options from companies through Mom Select.  The products the children had the opportunity to play with were

  • NEW Small Frys from Build-a-Bear Workshop
  • Sneaky 3D Puzzles from Patch Products
  • Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory
  • Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo
  • Playmobil Child's First Day of School kit
  • Smart Mom Solutions
With the addition of our friends, the children's ages spanned from 9 years of age to 3 months old.  The toys the children played with were a hit.

Littlest N loved her Small Fry from Build-a-Bear workshop.  She carried her Small Fry,  Sassy Kitty, around the house all evening and slept with it that night.  She loved it.  Middle N.  received the Peace Bear and was excited to take it home with her.  The Small Fry collection is Limited Edition, and like the other Build-a-Bear collection, these too have customizable options for clothing and accessories.
Right after dinner, the "big" kids worked together to put together the Sneaky 3D Puzzles from Patch Products.  It was a lot of fun and they were anxious to put it together and took turns using the 3D glasses to see the finished product.  The bright colors and sea scape was a blast for the kids to put together.  They were able to put it together quickly and easily and were so proud to show it off when they completed it!

The biggest hit of the evening came not only from the delicious Christmas Cakes from Little Debbie, but from playing with the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory and the Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo.  The children were so enthralled by the way the Mega Fun Factory is battery operated and has an assembly line that moves the playdoh through the "factory".  Elmo taught the preschoolers about shapes and colors.  This was a hit and I put this on my list to purchase for other little ones in our lives. Here is a video of the kids playing with the Play-Doh items, making some interesting creations (video wouldn't load...will try later)

Eldest N.  loved the Playmobil Child's First Day of School kit.  He's an avid Playmobil kid and was really excited to see this kit, one he hasn't seen before, and one he definitely wanted to add to his collection!  I was so taken with the Playmobil, that my boys will be receiving some from Santa this year!

The evening was a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the holiday excitement.  Thanks to MomSelect and all the participating companies for such a cool way to turn a family night into so much more!

This review was provided from Build-A-Bear, Little Debbie, Patch Products, Play-Doh, and Playmobil as a part of the MomSelect program. I was given the opportunity to review the product for my personal opinion and share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.  



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