Monday, January 28, 2013

Those Circles

Those circles are intertwining.  They evolve, they change, they grow, they shrink with each passing day, each passing event, and conversation.  I was introduced to the "circle" system of thinking when I was an expectant mom over 6 years ago.  I was in the middle trying to find who I was and how I can define "me".  I, like most, am continually trying to make me a better me. 

I learned in a MOPS meeting from a guest speaker how we have circles of our life.  WE decide who or what will be our core and from there decide how other people and "things" are closest , or rather how far away they are.  It isn't that we need to remove people or things from our life, we just need to choose what we need MOST in our life.  Friends, Family...Faith?  Yes, Faith. 

Over the last few years I have made significant changes in my life and who encircles me.  I choose to LOVE everyone, but also choose to be closer to few.  Those few are who/what I have deemed most important in making me a better me.  I've moved some negative forces to the background, still keeping them close, still loving them, but giving some space to keep a healthy relationship and to keep me pushing forward to a better me.  I'm seeking a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior and that is what I am keeping my eye on.

I'm aware of my changing circles and I see others catching on to the changes.  It isn't comfortable to make those changes, discomfort comes with growth. 

I have big dreams, big aspirations for myself.  I know that if I serve my Lord with my whole heart, my whole mind, and my whole being, that I will serve those around me with the Light that they deserve and that He desires me to shine in the lives of others. 

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD"  Joshua 24:15

I once told a friend,
"My goal in life is to live and leave a legacy.  I want to leave this Earth with a hole that cannot be filled by another person, another thing. My goal is to have Him use me to do his handiwork."


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