Sunday, January 23, 2011


Addiction to one thing or another rules so many lives.  My life has been altered by addiction.  I've come to a place as an adult where I see this, accept it, and hope for change in the person that has succumbed to it.  Addiction comes in so many forms, alcohol, drugs, sex, money, gambling, food, and the list goes on.  For many people in our lives, they may go through treatment, they may continue therapy and counseling for their addictions, however addiction has become a way of life for them.  It's finding a healthier form of addiction that they look for, like exercise. 
Then, there is an addiction to the best thing one can find.  Jesus.  Who wouldn't want to be addicted to him?  The Way, the Truth, and the Life?
He's amazing!  He changes lives, hearts, and families.
His love isn't conditional, His love is forever!
He forgives, always! He doesn't keep a record of wrong.
He knows you, from the very beginning of your being.  There's no getting-to-know-you period.
He's always there.  You don't have to go find Him.
He carries your burdens, your grief, and your worries. No strings attached!

He's changing lives everyday, and He is the healthiest addiction known to man.  I'm praying for those in my life to see what He can do, so they too make a change.  If addicts need an addiction, this is the best choice!



Libby Design said...

Just one more reason why I think God brought us glad to be "addicted" with you!! Love you, girl! :)

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