Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Pins and Needles: Liam

Over the course of the last month many things have consumed me.  A close friend of mine said it best, "You allow yourself to carry the burdens of others on your heart." That is so true.  I know it can be both a positive and a negative aspect about myself, but I think that it is just who I am. I'm constantly on pins and needles for others, and sometimes myself. 

Recently our oldest boy had us a little in a tizzy.  Over the last month, through the holiday season he became more and more withdrawn.  He slept more, was more clingy,ate less, and played with his classmates and brothers less. It just wasn't him.  He is one of the most energetic, excitable children I know.  And the fact that he just let the world pass by him wasn't normal for him. 

I began making excuses.

He's sad about his friend being sick.
He's tired from the holidays.
He's fighting a cold or other illness.
He's growing.

Just the other day my husband said to me, "Honey, have you noticed how lethargic he's been?"  And that was all it took for me to be on pins and needles.  I called the doctor the next morning and we took him in for a more thorough exam.

Upon arrival, the doctor went through a checklist that listed all of his symptoms. It was incredible how many he had that were listed.  As she proceeded you could see that she too, was concerned and the ideas swimming in her mind I was not sure that I wanted to know.  Next we had the nurses take three pin-poked vials of blood for initial blood screenings.  My little guy was so brave, not a trickle came from his eye. These tests were testing for mono, blood diseases,and leukemia.  Leukemia!?  The doctor came in with a look of relief on her face and shared that the last test was indeed negative.  Praise God. She shared with me that she was most concerned about the possibility of this being a different outcome.  But all tests were negative.  She was still believing that something was "up" with our preschooler. We were sent to the hospital for yet more blood to be drawn and more tests.

Needless to say, the size of the needle that was used for the blood drawn from LJ's arm was a little alarming for the little man.  He was scared out of his mind and sobbed while the great nurses at Maple Grove hospital did their work with him.  They were consoling, considerate, and careful.  This blood is to be testing kidney and liver functions, thyroid disease, mono, Lyme's disease, and other "blood panels".

Following the procedure, I took him out to get some goodies and some not-so-healthy food to smooth over the bumpy morning we had.  It was hard for the little guy, and the mommy in me needed to give him more than just a hug for his bravery.  We got some goodies from the "Dollar Spot", ate some pizza from Pizza Hut, and drank a mighty Slurpy.  It was just the medicine he needed. 

Still holding his arm, we ventured out to home in the cold.  I watched his eyes become heavy, and slowly he drifted off.

So far  the tests he was given have all came back negative, thankfully.  LJ is starting to perk up and his appetite is off and on.  He's playing with friends more and more each day.  For that we are thankful.  We'll wait for the remainder of tests to come back, but for the most part, we're content that we're seeing improvements and are no longer on pins and needles.

We're most thankful for his wellness and thankful for the prayers and thoughts of those who sent them.


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