Saturday, December 12, 2009

When You Wish Upon a Star...or Something Like That...

This week my sister and her husband took their honeymoon to Ochos Rios, Jamaica.  Between my twin brother and I, we are splitting the week and taking my niece and nephew who are 4 1/2 and 1.  To start my portion of the duties, my sister-in-law took my two nieces and myself to see Disney's Princesses on Ice.  

The little princesses themselves dressed up in fabulous princess attire including little petticoats to bring the whole "princess effect" into order.  They were so darn cute, and so in awe of the magic that transpired before them.  Here are some pictures of the evening.

It was a very fantastical evening, and all of the princesses showed up.  You could really hear the sighs and giggles of the little ladies in the audience as each princes pranced across the ice in their amazing costumes.  I was impressed by the sets, props, costumes and acting of the skaters.  The only thing that I was let down by was the less fabulous skating technique, but I'm sure I was the only one hoping for triples, tricks, and fancy footwork.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to take in such "pink" events, since I live primarily in a house of blue.
Maybe. Someday.
When You Wish Upon a Star....
or something like that.



Aimee said...

When that day comes, you know where you can find a ton of pink hand me downs :) Hugs to you!!

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