Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Much IS Too Much?

As a kid, our living room was filled to the brim with presents wrapped in bright shades of red, green and Christmas themed papers, and topped with a jewel-colored bow, you know the variety, peel and stick.

My very giving mom is the same or even more giving than she was while we were growing up.  She buys for myself, my brother, my sister, all of our spouses and each of the lucky grandchildren.  She amazes me with her thoughtfulness and generosity.  Every year my husband shakes his head (in what I would like to think is amazement) at the piles and mountains of Christmas gifts for the family.  She takes such joy in shopping and purchasing just the perfect gift for each member of the family.  Rarely does she ask what we want, it seems she has a notebook in her mind keeping track of things we need, have wanted, or things she thinks would be just right for us.  She just knows.

I, too, have taken to the love of shopping for others, especially for our kids. I love to shop for great deals,  buying them things they need, mixed in with things they don't.  But since I decided to stay home for the last 18 months, finances aren't what they were and money is tight.  It made us re-evaluate what is needed and gave us the desire to scale down, but not necessarily take away.

We've decided to give gifts to our Little Spices based on The Bible and The Christmas Story.  We'll be giving the boys three wrapped gifts based on the Three Wise Men, and the three gifts they gave to Baby Jesus.  The Three Wise Men gave Jesus gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, and we'll...well, we'll give them three gifts that are age appropriate.  But, the main idea is to keep bringing the excitement back to the REAL meaning of Christmas, the REAL reason we're celebrating, and the REAL present we were given so many years ago.



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