Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Day

Today I have decided to come back to blogging.  I really enjoy it, and as I see it, it is my way to make new friends, share stories, and "give back" to society thru cyberspace.  I closed my incredibly busy other blog formerly known as Miracles on Mama Street, where I shared much of what I will here, bur here, I intend to have a little less chaos and an easier format (I have a tendency to shoot for the moon). 

So, welcome friends!  Take off your shoes, make yourselves at home, interact, and enjoy a sense of community!  I look forward to getting to know each of you!



r l n ! said...

What do you mean "give back"?

Amber said...

WOW! How did you find my blog so quickly? I just created it and have told no one about it! :)

By "Giving back", I often tell others of opportunities to "give back" through their community like Operation Christmas Child, Family Events that are free or reduced in price, things I have learned that may be of assistance to others. I think blogs can be a way to share incredible information that may be helpful to others. :)


Who am i? said...

Hi, Amber...

There are no accidents in Life, this i've believed for quite some time now. i was just clicking on "next blog" on the tool bar of my blogspot, and yours came up.

Your blog, even without pictures, got my interest because of the idea of giving back, even in cyberspace. The intention of my blog is to give back too -- by sharing the precious gift that was freely given to me -- the ultimate gift of love, CHRIST Himself.

i look forward to seeing your stuff on Mama Thyme. By the way, have you heard of Angel Tree? i'm involved with it again this year.

zoellner18 said...

Hey found your new blog thanks to your facebook status! Love it so far!

Aimee Bakke said...

Hi Amber. I'm lovin' the new blog! So fun to see how life is with your family and of course your darling boys. Hugs!

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