Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday- First Edition

Today is my first "Not Me" Monday with all the friends and folks over at MckMama's site.  It's a hilarious way to start off the week and to make light of the things that happen that may, well, not be very "me" at all.

I haven't been keeping tabs, and I've been so forgetful, that I'll have to start jotting down ALL of the "not me's" that occur and all the "not my child's" that frequent our household.

It wasn't me that took a break during Sunday's bi-annual Vikings versus Packers game.  I didn't leave the dinner table with my delicious over-the-top nachos, go up to our bedroom, turn on the game and enjoy my dinner in silence, while watching the Packers and all their devoted "Cheeseheads" turn a little more than moldy.

It wasn't me that allowed our littlest spice to enjoy chocolate bar after chocolate bar during the time that the biggest spice was out trick or treating.  He had a fever and we weren't letting him out to enjoy the festivities, hoping the warmth and downtime would heal his sick little bod.  The deal needed to be sweetened.

It wasn't me who squeezed the paint bottle a little too hard, which exploded all over a sweet toddler's face, filling his face, blonde hair, and clean clothing with festive orange washable tempera paint. Nope, NOT ME.


Rustin - TheBlogFrog said...

Love your blog - this is the best template I have seen in a long time!

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