Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Truth.

The Truth.
It isn't something we all like to see or even acknowledge all of the time.  It's something I sometimes like to avoid altogether, and to be quite honest, like to ignore.

The Truth is, is that the truth isn't always our ideal. 

The Truth is, is that my "ME" has become someone other than who I really am, and really, who I want to be.  I've become more crabby, more irritable, and more, Not Me.  In fact, I have been struggling to figure out who "Me" really is and trying to get back to the "Me" I was before I became, quite truthfully, a stay at home mom. But when I am home with "my boys" I am happy, excited, full of life, and energetic.  It's when someone or something enters the realm of "ME" that isn't something I planned on being part of "ME" that changes who I am.

The Truth.

The Truth being that we must all endure changes, events, and parts of life that, quite truthfully, are not "ME" at all. I'm blessed with God-given talents, friends, and family that keep me grounded in who I am, and help direct me back, when I go astray from the "ME" I want to be.

The Truth is, is that I bum myself out when I feel conflicted with sadness for the parts of "ME" that were "ME" before.  A new friend of mine has talked to me about being content with the Now that God has provided me with.  The Truth is, is that I am not content, I am sad, mad, frustrated and confused as to why I feel this sense of loss over who I was, instead of being content with who I AM today. 

Get what I mean?

My Truth is that I love my family, friends, and all of the surprises on the path laid before me, but I need to learn to be content with the new.  The new friends, the new happenings, and the facets of, well, ME.



Katie Benson said...

I think we can all relate Amber, it's hard to figure everything out some days, isn't it.

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